Small Hydro

Turbine production

Currently, small turbine (up to 20 MW) development and production is the core line of business for Scotta Turboinštitut (based on revenue). There has been more than 1,800 years of running experience for machines produced by the Company. Scotta Turboinštitut enjoys a unique position in the world by virtue of direct links to the research results of its model testing.

Turbine design is customized to site conditions and turbine runners are produced in Europe.

Small hydro equipment design and engineering

Small hydro equipment design and engineering is a second key strength currently. More than 100 SHPPs have completely equipped under Scotta Turboinštitut's responsibility.

Activities comprise hydro plant optimization in design stage, equipment design, governor and control design and production, engineering of generator, electrical equipment, auxiliary equipment, installation and commissioning.


Small hydro development is a particularly promising business because it is based on a technology-driven approach, which is becoming more and more important given escalating world demand for energy.