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More than 200 various turbine type models developed, and more than 400 completed model tests have led to an accumulation of experience and knowledge that guarantee internationally competitive performances of the developed models and very reliable testing facilities, measuring procedures and accuracy of results. A long tradition in site testing with current meters, especially of low head turbines, has resulted in excellent standards of double regulating turbine optimisation and operation management of hydropower plant chains. The improvements foreseen from model testing for refurbishment have been implemented on all types of turbines refurbished during the last 15 years, without exception.

Turbine models are designed, produced and tested according to the latest international engineering standards and meet all requirements for modern turbine model testing:

  • All the conditions specified in the relevant IEC standard for model acceptance tests are met.
  • Measurements can be made under all operating conditions with a 350 mm outlet runner diameter model of Francis, Kaplan and tubular turbines and a 100 mm bucket width of Pelton turbines.
  • Modern instrumentation ensures a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. Data acquisition and processing are carried out automatically on every test rig.
  • Complete instrumentation of each test rig can be calibrated at any time in order to check the accuracy of the delivered data of each instrument.



  Francis Kaplan Bulb Pelton
Head Hmax 82 m 32 m 22 m 140 m
Flow rate Qmax 1.8 m3/s 0.95 m3/s 1.3 m3/s 0.25 m3/s
Torque Mmax 1200 Nm 700 Nm 700 Nm 1000 Nm
Power Pmax 105 kW 90 kW 90 kW 150 kW
Rotation speed nmax 1500 min-1 1500 min-1 1500 min-1 2000 min-1