Model development and production

Model development and testing for various turbine manufacturers—based on accumulated experiences and competitive results in development for various big turbines producers, advanced and proven use of fluid flow simulations, world class equipped laboratory for model testing of all turbine types and in-house facilities for model production and control.

With booming activity in hydro business, the scarcity of proven and experienced institutes in the world offers great potential for the Company to continue to expand these activities.

Turbine design

  • Design of the small turbines in the range of 200 kW till 20 MW (10 MW).
  • Design of biplane butterfly valve till 3200 mm and spherical valves till 1200 mm.
  • Design of all turbines is based on the model testing results and/or improved modifications of original design based on advanced fluid flow simulation.
  • In the range of high head 1,2 4, 5 and 6 nozzle Pelton turbine are used, in the range of Francis turbine 9 different specific speed runners are used, 4,5 and 6 blades Kaplan turbine and 3 and 4 S-type, pit and bulb turbine are used for very low head.
  • All turbine parts are design for long term and reliable, cavitation free at full load with reasonable reserve for overload.
  • Standarized approach to the solutions (spiral cases, seals, covers, ..).

Turbine production

  • All turbine runners and wicket gates are produced from stainless steel CrNi 13.4.
  • All pelton runners are produced from forged disc on CNC machine, francis runners are produced in fabricated technology or for high specific speed runners from forged disc by CNC machine.
  • All runners are dynamically balances with the grade 2,5 or better.