Site testing

Site testing of prototypes for hydropower plant owners is the only way to validate of turbine prototype characteristics guarantees in instances where these are not checked during model testing or where the manufacturing of the prototype was not performed in accordance with internationally and proven procedures and accuracies.

  • Acceptance tests after commissioning using up to 320 current meters for discharge measurement at low head Kaplan, tubular or Francis turbines, pressure time method at middle head Francis turbines or thermodynamic method for direct efficiency measurement for high head Francis and Pelton turbines.
  • Efficiency measurements before and after refurbishment or general repair using one of the absolute methods for discharge measurement or index test method of efficiency measurement.
  • Efficiency and dynamic characteristics measurement (vibration, pressure pulsation, shaft displacement, noise.) with the purpose of solving a particular problem in operation or characteristics correction.
  • Cavitation characteristics testing by vibration and noise measurement due to limitation of operation range or cavitation erosion reduction.
  • Governor acceptance and control tests.