Hydro Power Plants

Kolektor Turboinštitut is able to cover

  • design,
  • manufacturing/engineering,
  • supply,
  • installation,
  • commissioning all electro mechanical equipment in the water power plant.

Small hydro engeneering

Small hydropower plants equipment site testing.

Water to wire services:

  • Basic design of electro mechanical equipment,
  • Design of particular parts of equipment,
  • Engineering of equipment,
  • Site installation or supervision of installation of electro mechanical equipment,
  • Commisioning of electro mechanical equipment.

Installation and commissioning of all small power plant equipment with education and training of client operating stuff.

After sales services of power plant equipment.

Small hydro development

  • Engineering and project management with financing of complete small hydro power plants projects with capacity up to 20 MW.
  • Feasibility studies of small and mini hydro power plants with all turbine types.
  • Basic and mani design  of power plants including all civil works and environment apsects.
  • BOT or EPC project in the range up to 10 MW.
  • Operating power plants.


  • Design, assembling, installation and commissioning of turbine governors based on standard hydraulic elements and PLC systems.
  • Case studies of governor, automation and remote control systems.
  • Design of hydro power plant automation system.
  • Refurbishment of existing governors.
  • Renovation of automation systems.
  • Remote control system (SCADA) applications in new and existing hydro power plants.
  • Commissioning of governors and automation systems.