Business philosophy and values

Scotta Turboinštitut's business philosophy is expressed as a two fold goal:

  • Promotion of water energy use as mankind's indispensable and friendly and renewable energy for the future.
  • Continuous improvement of hydraulic machines performance with regard to their development, design, know-how, production and use.

Based on our tradition and experience, our business philosophy is determined by the following principles:


  • to the customers, establishing close and sustainable relationships,
  • to the employees, establishing continuously creative and responsible relations within the Institute,
  • to the sub-suppliers, establishing long term cooperation to minimise costs and maximise quality,
  • to the environment, always promoting only environmentally friendly energy use and water treatment.


  • in all our relations towards our customers, employees and sub-suppliers,
  • honesty is the only guarantee for long term, sustainable and beneficial cooperation.


  • towards any cultural, religious, national, racial or any other differences.
  • This is one of the basic principles of our philosophy and is based on numerous productive relations established over the last 66 years.


  • Scotta Turboinstitut's management and employees constantly strive to improve all processes to fulfil the expectations of our customers regarding products and services.
  • We are committed to fulfil all requirements with respect to the quality of all our services and products, as well as to improve them with the objective of reducing their impact on the environment through careful consumption of resources and by providing sustainable products and services.


  • in the relations with employees and partners, contentment with the activities of Institute, with achievements and aims, with our role in our environment.