The Bošava project


The Bošava project foresees construction of a system of five small hydro power plants embedded in the irrigation system in the municipality of Kavadarci in Macedonia. The project includes reconstruction and extension of the inlet channel from the water reservoir on the river Bošava up to the entry of the irrigation system; an extension of the inlet channel reaching to the MHE Bošava system; and construction of a system of five small hydro power plants. In addition, the system will provide water supply to the municipalities of Kavadarci, Rosoman and Negotino.

The initiator and developer of the project is Turboinštitut, a Slovene company  which, together with a partner, the government institution Vodostopanstvo Tikveš, a global water trader, concluded a public-private partnership for the combined use of water. For the purpose of implementing the afore said project, Turboinštitut founded a company in Macedonia: Hidrobošava holds a concession for water use and is the owner of the hydro power plants with status of the provider of electricity from renewable sources.

The concept of the project is to follow three basic guidelines:

  • Environmentally friendly, sustainable energy production from renewable sources in small production units located close to the end users.
  • Cooperation with the local community in the design and implementation of the project and the operation of the system and cooperation with local contractors in various aspects of construction. The Bošava project is to bring short-term as well as  long-term positive economic effects to the community.
  • Minimal impact on the environment:  the structure of buildings is adapted to the local architecture. Where possible, all infrastructure is built underground, and fish passes are included where necessary.

The success of the project was party ensured thru the strong support of the local community and the state of Macedonia.  Hidrobošava is the holder of a concession for the exploitation of natural resources for the next 27 years and will begin to produce electricity in the second quarter of 2015. The estimated annual production of electricity will amount to over 33 GWh, which will result in electricity sales of over 2 million euro per year.

Project SHHP Boševa
Country Macedonia
Size 5 SHPP
Turbine type 4x Pelton +6x Francis
Power P= 11,0 MW
Annual production WEL= 33,6 GWh/year
Length L= 40 km

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